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Become an Investment Director

Our Investment Directors are an integral part of our team and a key component of the unique Jacana business model.

Our Investment Directors are highly experienced private equity veterans from Europe with between ten and thirty years of experience in private equity investing. They donate their time and expertise pro-bono to work with our teams on the ground, sharing their skills and experience, building capacity and supporting the investment process from start to finish. The role requires approximately five to ten days a month working with our investment teams– both remotely and with regular trips to Africa (all expenses paid).

Our Investment Directors enjoy the work they do immensely. It is a unique opportunity for them to put the skills and expertise they have acquired over many decades of working in private equity to good use, building the best pan-African private equity team in in Sub-Saharan Africa, which will build hundreds of successful SMEs, create thousands of jobs and have a significant impact on Africa’s economic development. Achieving this mission is what inspires and motivates our Investment Directors and they are in the process for the long haul. Some of them have already worked with us for over three years and have very close relationships with their colleagues on the ground, and the entrepreneurs they are supporting.

If you are an experienced private equity practitioner interested in using your expertise to help create jobs and alleviate poverty in Africa, please get in touch here.