About Jacana Partners

Jacana Partners is a pan-African private equity company that invests in entrepreneurs, builds successful small-to-medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and delivers sustainable financial and social returns.

We do this because we are passionate about entrepreneurs as the key drivers of job creation and long-term economic development in Africa.


Focus on SMEs

We know SME growth is fundamental to Africa’s development and we believe that private equity investment is the best vehicle to facilitate this growth, providing financial capital, human resources and value-added expertise to support growth.  However, we also believe that SME private equity investing in Africa is very challenging and requires significant resources, experience and track record.


Why Jacana

Jacana was created in 2008 as a solution to this challenge. Our unique structure combines highly experienced international private equity veterans with expert local teams on-the-ground whose knowledge of the local business environment and contact networks are second to none.



Delivering returns

The result is a balanced team where 20-year veterans work alongside African investment managers to structure great deals, build successful SMEs and deliver superior financial and social returns.

We believe this is the best way to ensure successful private equity investment in African SMEs.


Jacana is unique:
  • We are the only African private equity company with the unique Jacana structure
  • We are the only pan-African private equity company with a permanent commitment to the SME sector